Repairing Doors?

Me and my friends were raiding a guy while he was yelling i can be here all day repairing this door we thought he was lying till 20 mins after the door did not break if someone could help us out that would be grateful

-Leave the door type materials need to repair and if u know where to get a repair kit or what ever is used

I’d assume that you’d need a lot of wood? Couldn’t you just C4 one of the sides down though?

Solution: Raid a vacant house rather than an occupied one. Clearly he’s outsmarted you.

Clearly he did and i am asking for help about repairing doors

What do you expect us to do?

How Do i Repair my doors

Well if its a wooden door and you had a charge i dont see how that could be possible but if you were trying to hatchet it you would just have to wait till he ran out of resources. If its a metal door then he might have just been repairing it. Chances are he waisted alot of materials and you guys should feel acomplished because of that lol

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If your door is wood you put wood in one of your bar slots 1 - 6 and then look at the door and then click and then same with metal doors you would need metal fragments in your hand to repair that one

Put wood or metal in your toolbelt (pick the material that matches your door). Get in front of and aim at the door. Press the hotkey that corresponds to that spot in the toolbelt.

I would have explained that earlier, but the OP never really seemed to ask that.


you Put Metal in slot 1-6 then while aiming at the metal door press slot 1-6 ( the one you got the metal in) and it repairs 20 each time, 1 metal

same with the wooden doors but Idk if you need normal or planks for it.

I’m curious, does it take the same amount of materials away every time or does it vary depending on how much it is damaged?

yes it takes 1 material for 20hp the metal door got 1000 health max, and each day it disappear 200health from the metal door wich makes it disappear after 5 days.

Decay is working again
Decay has a grace period of around a day, then the structure starts decaying
If you do anything in the structure like open a door, light a fire etc it resets the decay grace period
Deployables don’t decay if they’re on a structure, only when they’re outside

mhmmm its on a post at the home page on

Mhm, I posted it, because people seem to not know what decay is. :3

There’s a wiki for a reason, you know.

Also there is a home page RIGHT IN YOUR FACE

If there’s another wiki I do not know about, the wiki I’ve seen is slightly incomplete.

Example: No information about the Large Medkit. On the Explosive Charge and Metal Door page it says 2 charges, where as it might take 2-3.

It isn’t perfect, but it isn’t terrible or hard to quickly answer someones question and refer them to the wiki. :3 I’m not a fan of just responding to the thread to be rude, you know?

Seriously you dont even need a wiki unless you want to go into depth, and you would have to have no education to not know what a door decaying is = / ( Not trying to be mean but seriously… )

You’re really just replying for the sake of replying and arguing… I was responding to others, even if they could go to the wiki or home page themselves, I’m just a helpful gal.