I think that this suggestion would streamline the whole process of repairing. If there was an option on the tool cupboard to repair all damaged building parts within it’s radius, consuming all of the materials obviously. Now it would have to happen on a delay, because being able to instantaneously repair your entire base would be op and ruin raiding, so I suggest a long delay of 10 minutes or maybe more until everything repairs. This would do a lot of things, it would make repairing posts far easier which has long been a problem, and it would also make it easier to counter the decay suffered by external walls in compound bases. What do you think? Would this be a worthwhile improvement? Would it break the game in any way?

Yeah sounds like a great idea, like you start a timer of 5 minutes and if it senses that any damages is done to any of the building component it cancels the timer and you’d have to start all over again.

I’d totally want this ingame because it can get annoying when people and exploding ur base then pillars and other stuff u can’t reach will either be damaged or destroy and you can’t replace them without basically tearing down your whole base.

As long as it has a long-ish timer and gets cancelled if damaged, just like you said, I wouldn’t mind it be put into the game just to test it out.

personally i disagree with this. it imbalances raider vs defender interactions by allowing one player to defend all the walls of their base against multiple attackers, which doesn’t make sense.

Haha, did you even read it? The last three posts before yours (the only posts) all talk about a timer, in which the building has to take no damage before everything gets repaired.

yeah i read each of them. my point stands. why implement something that immediately needs a 10 minute timer to prevent it being op, and that makes the game both less realistic, and less tactical? it’s a lazy fix for people who can’t be bothered fixing the damage on a base that is obviously far too large for them to manage.

If we could just hammer the cupboard and it would fix the stuff in it’s radius at the same pace as you do when doing it manually, I think it would be balanced. Any block damaged should have a timer on it preventing it from being repaired for X minutes too and any block destroyed should also have a X minutes cooldown before it can be replaced.

With all this in place, I fail to see how it is OP. It’s just a quality of life fix making repairing hard to access blocks much simpler.

Whats tactical or even realistic about running around a base banging on walls with a magic hammer that causes walls to regenerate health, as compared to a magical box (that prevents you from building) doing the same thing?

see, i don’t understand the need for artificial timers and protective forcefields (read cupboard). if you aren’t there to protect the house, it’s prone to vandalism, theft and demolition; and it should be. if you are there on the inside hammering boards of wood up while someone on the other side tries to break in, you might have a chance at surviving. but if 3-4 people have attacked multiple areas, run out of picks and head home to restock, you should have to repair every wall manually before they come back, not wait out a timer and click “repair all”. it makes the game too safe for defenders. and i say that as a solo player who is more likely to be raided than raid.

that said, i’m an advocate for the hammer sim model of building. it’s my opinion that returning to that would reduce the amount of greifing without leaning on magical “ownership fields” to prevent people building 20 metal half blocks throughout a house in 10 seconds.

hammering the walls represents putting up boards/plates of metal to reinforce the health (read condition) of the wall. hammering a magic box to fix all your walls is a lazy fantasy.