Repeated Crashes after 2/19's patch/update

I have been having rust crash every 20-50 minutes starting right after the 2/19 patch that put in the metal walls. These are pretty bad crashes where I am unable to do anything with rust, including close it from tabbing out. Ctrl ALT DLT brings up the task manager but even that won’t kill it. I locks up most of my computer. The only thing that seems to work is logging out of the computer (thank god for that windows button the keyboard). About 4 or 5 of the people I’ve been playing with since yesterday reported something similar. I’ve also had the desync issue where every other time I log in, half of stuff that was built was missing or floating- Garry did mention this was fixed just this morning, so I’m hopeful on that front. Since that update I got 20 minutes ago this morning I’ve had two more of these crashes. If there is anything useful to provide here, I’ll be happy to do that.

Same here. Had to stop playing last night. Doubt I’ll play unless it’s fixed - which might be a good thing for a few days!

Yes these random crashes are becoming a pain.

I didn’t think I was alone. Seattle server just went down, hopeful its something good.
Also, I can’t type stuff in to world chat. Works half the time only if I also click on the text box after hitting enter. That’s minor but kind of annoying.

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Also, no one can drop anything out of their inventory in the whole server. World chat died. Edit again-- server is down lol

Garry is aware of this

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It seems the crashes are related to the ambient sound system
could try F1 console and type effects.ambience 0
been running ok for last 30 mins with this setting without a crash

lol that’s funny.

I will try that console command.

I have pushed an update out with the ambience disabled by default. Let me know if this fixes your problems… then we’ll do some investigating to find the actual reason.

One tip IF it is possible for you is to do: CTRL+ALT+DEL select Taskmanager as you describe, try to move your cursor key downwords to the process you want to kill (if the mouse won’t work) then on the selected process ALT+O to quit it manually. I hope this might help you faster then doing swapping/logging off your user.

On topic: Yes, this bug is annoying. This happends to me too, if I move around, running, checking inventory, jump or etc. Hard to reproduce, but happends between 20-60min for me.

Invalid command

Looks like it did, Not had any crashes since i turned effect.ambiance to false. And after the update no crashes.

Thank you for posting the command but is it 100% correct? I can’t get it to work.

you can use 0 or false at the end.

but you should not need to after this new update the ambient sound is off by default.

Isn’t working for me. I’ll just deal with the crashes until I update. If I do will I be able to get back into the server I’m currently on or will I have to wait till they update the server? I’ve seen version mismatches on major updates but what about these small ones?

Thanks for the reply btw.

Is anyone still getting the freeze crash? I’m gonna add some report tools today so we automatically get notified when someone has crashed, so I can see if I’m actually fixing stuff.

I’ll launch the game now and play until I either crash or decide it’s not gonna happen.

Asked everyone on the Seattle server to tell me if they’ve been getting crashes and most of the answers we’re no. Continuing to play for confirmation myself.
It seems turning off the ambient sound fixed it for now. I didnt crash at all and everyone I asked said they haven’t either.**

I had the crashes I noted in another post, still had them when I updated to amd gpu latest beta driver, this was yesterday BTW, today this morning in game not a crash at all. nice :slight_smile:

PS yesterday did a GPU and CPU stress test running at 100 % thinking the worst that test was ok

Unplayable since upgrade.
Many friends also.
It freezes the game before playing.
No answer. Just Alt + F4
modified homes
The menus do not obey
Please solution,



sorry for my google English


our server even with ambient sounds off is crashing every 40-60 minutes-- it’s a huge memory leak issue on our server and reported on many multiplay servers. A new seed will last about 4-5 hours with no problems then the crashes return with the memory spikes starting all over again. Can’t keep wiping the server just to get 4 hours of play in so we just crash and sign back in. Hope you can fixt the memory leaks.

The effect.ambient 0 is a fix for client side crashes not the server problems.

I am manager of a server and can not enter,
only with rusty