Repetitive game

Every time I get my house built and i’m doing real good the server wipes and I loose everything this has happened 10 times now and quite frankly it’s getting a bit repetitive it’s really sad too cause I really like this game but if I keep loosing everything I build it’s not worth it so I will wait until there is a finished product and maybe then they won’t WIPE the servers!!!

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Oh and another thing I found a server that said no wipes and today it got wiped it’s just bugs the living heck out of me that Magma can’t keep their promises.

Wipes are a fact of life in alpha, and the sooner you come to terms with that fact, the happier you’ll be. I encourage you to take a significant break from the game, perhaps several months, and then come back and check in on how it’s doing. Some server owners have adopted a fairly aggressive wipe interval for a number of different reasons (some reasonable, some ill-informed), while others only wipe when a patch or the GSP requires it. It’s difficult to tell which without an explanation unless you see enough on the same server to work out a pattern.

The game’s very unfinished, so there isn’t that much to do except harvest and build and gather resources and then PVP if you feel like it, and you are always running the risk that the server could be wiped before you log on next, and there isn’t anything you can do about it. If you’re unhappy with that situation, and it’s certainly understandable, go play games that actually are fun for a while and take some time off. Rust’ll still be here. Facepunch isn’t some sort of fly-by-night operation.

meh i tell you whats annoying

when a freaken guy comes while your building your house and trolls you and ALL the work and farming you put in that house by placing his own walls allarround basicaly finishing your building WITH NO DOORS…
and its the most annoying when your inside…


That is why I said I’ll be taking a break until they get it fixed lol.

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I forgot one thing though I actually liked the black zombie souls Dayz don’t have nothing like that without the zombies your not on your toes in-game they came out of nowhere best part of game I do hope that they leave it up to admins that host their own servers whether the servers have them that would be cool you know like a plugin, I liked killing zombies I guess that’s why I downloaded No More Room in Hell good game by the way but yea i’m definitely taking a break from Rust for a bit.

I’m tired of seeing zombies for no good reason. They were placeholders.

The zombies that were in Rust are literally stock Unity Store assets. You will see the exact same models in other Unity games. Someone showed a screenshot of some Android zombie game built in Unity, and guess what. Yup, same zombies.

Find a server with remove tool. U will be able to remove any house parts placed on foundations that belong to u. No more griefing/trolling. I went to server like that with friends after some guy destroyed our stairs in a tower and placed a pillar making it impossible for us to do anything.

Remove tool is amazing :slight_smile: