Replace C4 With This?

30 leather (when that’s in the game), 20 explosives, 50 metal frags, 30 cloth - slightly larger than a softball. Throwable, stickable, and blows up wood with 1, stone with 2, metal with 3-4 (won’t stick though), and top tier metal 5-6. Thoughts?

One more addition - it can stick to people!

I was thinking that or dynamite. Because its something that seem it would fit.

Love the idea. I wouldn’t think of this as a replacement for C4, but instead as a fragmentation grenade (though if C4 or something like it is going to be in the game, I would still prefer something less sophisticated, yeah – Chawmin’s dynamite should serve that role).

I like the idea too. Also there should be trebuchets and catapults!

Maybe they could add this in and make it so it’s throwable but C4 isn’t.

in addition they could be used with the following weapons.

That would be awesome!

yeah, hoping that seige gear is put in eventually;)