Replace Garrysmod mods and addons.

A while back (like 3 weeks ago) i decided to reinstall garrysmod. I remembered that i needed my mods and addons back, but i can’t remember the name of them so i need help finding them.
One of them was wire mod, but i typed that in on, but none of the new ones were on it, so i need help finding that.
There was also a pack i had, it had all the props from hl2, but i could not find it on either.

TL;DR Need help finding addons again.

PS: If there are any other garrysmod addons i should download, please post.

Google WireSVN, PHX SVN, and any other addons you remember. SVN keeps them up to date. If you don’t know how to do that, Google it then. And also when reinstalling Gmod, rename your old folder so if you need anything, it’s right there.

Use the G-Addon thing that guy made. It pretty much installs every add-on you will ever need.