Replace Reds with Dinosaurs

Yes this needs to happen, just look at the terrain around us and the story behind it all.

The town that is one corner of the map was inhabited until the government decided that is funding could help improve some other third world country.

The people that were there was experimenting with radiation on animals and found by mixing the right chemicals with cell structures they were able to finally bridge the gaps to re-birth the dinosaur.

Using mosquitoes (yes Jurassic Park) they were able to try bring back different species and see how they would react in certain situations.

Now they are free to roam and have moved from the town to the open fields, bigger ones on the open plains while the smaller ones hang around the towns to eat chicken and such.

Sounds legit

I resent the idea of having dinosaurs in Rust. Just wouldn’t feel right for me and I hope it will never happen. :-/

It will never happen? Hmm What about putting the zombies back only in certain areas?

I’m just going to trust the Facepunch crew.
Whatever they release at the end, it’ll be fun. Or aborted.