Replace the mic icon

Hey lads and lasses, so I’ve been trying to replace the icon used above someones head when they talk via voice chat
This fella

I’ve tried a method of using lua to replace materials with my new material with no success, tbh it was a copy pasta attempt of editing some code that disabled the mic by replacing the texture a invisible one.

Does anyone know of the material path for this so I can replace it myself, or know of any other way of doing this?

Thanks for the help in advance :slight_smile:

mp_show_voice_icons 0

Ok and how would I go about replace that with my own icon?


Why would I need a invisible texture?
I’m trying to replace it with another icon not remove it completely

Most people make it invisible and then they draw their own custom one.

Could you maybe give me a bit more of a example of this? I’m completely lost here lmao.

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