Replace zombies with this:

Saw the topic about big foot and got this idea…

Replace the zombies with Giants!..

replace the RAD towns with Giant encampments…

They could throw rocks at you, or use a “tree trunk” as a large melee weapon. 2-3 bow shots to the head to kill them, 4-6 to the body.

Idea for some of their encampments, they could “pen” 14-15 pigs… so once you kill the giants, quick easy access to food. They could have crates with large amounts of raw materials in them (open a crate with 80 metal ore)
And some of those crates would have random rare drops in them.

The giants could look like something out of Game of Thrones

I don’t see the theme of the game becoming fantasy.

Uhhhh… didn’t it have zombies?

the faculty or activity of imagining things, esp. things that are impossible or improbable.

Unless you think Zombies are real? (or giant red mutated bears)
Sorry brah, the game is already fantasy.

Giants, when they’re coded right +1

if i had to place my bets on a species to get added it would have to be mutants or aliens. frankly i don’t like the idea of aliens being added.

In western civilization, there’s a generally accepted colloquial usage of the term “fantasy”, especially in regards to literature, to mean elves and fairies and shit. I see rust as more sci-fi. Thanks for douching cause you didn’t like someone bursting your bubble.

lol umadbro?

And as far as the “you can’t see it becoming fantasy” statement… I loled extra hard at this one…

Garry is the one who brought up the idea of using Giants/mythical creatures… So its a possibility, and one that I favor over… dinosaurs…

No, I’m not mad. I was calling you out for your sarcastic tone.

Zombies were a placeholder.

No sarcastic tone here. I consider Giants less fantasy then Zombies…

At least we have some sort of proof that Giants existed. unlike zombies.

why’d you edit your post?

I wanted to add the 2nd part, and didn’t see a point in cluttering up the thread. You musta been posting at the same time :confused:


Well, I love GoT, but I prefer the tribals idea.

I definitely like the tribal idea the most, but having some very large boss-type mobs would be really fun and would give raiding groups something to do at “end-game” (presumably)

Like a big fat bone throwing tribal boss? :v:


I definitely understand the appeal of dinosaurs… they’re big, strong, scary… everything that Rust is all about…
But they just don’t feel like they fit. I think I just don’t like the term “dinosaur”. Maybe lizards got mutated into huge lumbering beasts or something or aliens came and genetically altered animals or something… Seems lazy to just add a t-rex and a stegosaurus bla bla bla… I’d rather the devs have a chance to really get creative and crazy rather than just modeling mobs after dinosaurs.

Anything would be better than “oh dinosaurs are just here now”

Or how about aliens hiding in their mothership which is cloaked as hill? (Crysis)

Anything but dinos xD

I honestly like the tribal idea as well, but I figured it’d never happen because someone would pull out the racist card.