Replaced sounds

When i downloaded this it was fun at first but then it kind of got annoying and I want to get the old gmod/half life sounds back but i dont know how!!
Could anyone help me?

You should have backed them up before hand…

Try deleting the sound folder.

(this is really stupid) Is it possible for you to upload all HL2 sounds to and then give me the link?

just delete the addon the hl2 files are in a gcf and unrewriteable meaning it just override to the sound folder
just delete the addon

No, just go into garrysmod/garrysmod and delete the sound folder.

Better yet, rename your garrysmod/garrysmod to something else, and delete the sound folder. Then start up gmod, it should give you your old sound folder back. Copy it into the renamed garrysmod/garrysmod and delete the new one, then rename the first back to normal. That should replace the sounds, and unless you have a mod that didn’t use the addons folder and still needed sounds, you should be safe.

It’s not an addon, it actually replaces the files.