Replacement for Make Sphirical on Tires

Hey guys.

I’ve been in the Gmod builder community for a while now, and a problem that always comes up is the fact that Make Sphirical, albeit better than nothing, makes having good traction in cars almost impossible unless your wheels weigh a shit ton thanks to the tiny contact patch.

Would it be possible to develop a tool similar to Make Sphirical, but have a cylindrical hit box instead?

Any feedback is welcome.

Unless it were offset tris instead eg a non-even mesh, you’ll have issues.

Hmm, thanks for the reply.
I’ll look into it a bit more then.

Spheres work just fine for actual traction, the problem is the way they handle losing traction. It’s all or nothing, and not much inbetween. This is what causes sphere wobble of contraptions and generally unfavorable car handling.

If only there was make cylindrical. In hopes of fixing the wide-as-all-fuck collisions.

Unless spheres have magical collisions

They do.

wasn’t there a tool that was supposed to simulate tires? saw it on one of the build servers i joined

i almost also considered welding two sphericals a little bit inside eachother on the same axis to make it kind of cylindrical, but even then it’d just be two points with no sense of distribution of force, aside from the body rolling into the tire’s suspension. basically a tire rim without air (a very grippy tire rim)

maybe with how floppy welds are, it can kind of be simulated by accident?

the game is laggy enough without pointlessly welded wheels

it’s also why the advanced wheel tool you mentioned failed, it caused too much lag

If all you want is stability that doesn’t involve a bunch of counter steering, use a steering slave that rotates relative to the world

It gives you the same effect as counter steering because the wheels will always point in one direction, while the rest of the vehicles follows along

I’ll show the mechanics behind it next time i see you on Cre8ive

This video will give you an idea of what I’m talking about

Being a noob and see people build awesome thing

Wow, just wow, can you show me how to do it or a video tutorial?