Replacement for physical gears.

I’ve already made a topic about this ages ago but it didn’t get much attention. So here I made a second topic in which I try to explain the idea a little bit better and hopefully it will get a little bit more attention.

I don’t know how this would be made but I am quite sure it’s possible some how. The basic idea is a tool which would place some sort of constraint between two props. This constraint would operate as two non-physical and non-rendered gears of various sizes. It would work a little bit like an advanced ballsocket tool but not only allowing a 1:1 ratio between the two desired props or entities. This ratio would determine the speed and magnitude of each prop. For example, if two props are constrained with a 1:2 ratio then one of the objects would spin with the double speed yet with half the magnitude of the other object.

Additionally it would be very useful if this tool would have a wire controller so you in real time would be able to update the ratio between the two abstract gears. This would allow for gear free, lag free and effective vehicle transmissions, CVT transmissions, differentials with different lock rates and basically anything with gears in it. It would take Garry’s Mod vehicle constructing to yet another new level since Satri-Ali’s Wheel2 mod.

Why hasn’t this been done before? It seems to fill an obvious gap in our current tool selection.

I hope this gets picked up.

No lag using real gears! Someone, please, this is what we need.

I wish I knew how to do this, because it would be a seriously awesome thing to have.

You’ve got my +1

I won’t need to be using applyForce to shift my physical gear props into place in order to have working gearboxes and transmissions anymore. This is exactly what I need for my cars.

Would be alot easier :slight_smile:


Sadly, this probably won’t be as easy as you think. It’s easy to output a torque, but it’s not easy to measure the amount of torque inputted into a device with lua, and there certainly isn’ t a function just to do that. Perhaps someone will figure it out, but it would probably require getting a bit deeper into the physics engine than I would like.

Oh, that’s disappointing :frowning: Hopefully someone will figure this out sooner or later. It’s the missing piece in Garry’s Mod vehicle constructing.