Replacement for zombie idea

Instead of having zombies why don’t you replace them with aliens. Instead of having airdrops maybe alien crash sites?
Just and Idea

Yeah why not, or replace them with giant 1 eyed freaks who look like eddy murphy


I don’t know about the idea, I respect your ability of thinking outside the box, but for a somewhat realistic feeling game Aliens sounds a little too farfetched. When I say realistic dont get me wrong mutants, etc. are far from it but you know what I mean. :wink: Perhaps bandits or something given the correct ai technology. Would be cool. Even them having places like towns which they scout out and loot from.

-Luca :zoid:


Devs were talking about deadly animals and that’s what I like. I’d like to see fields and forests (especially at nights) crawling with wide variety of small and big, natural and mutated animals.

It has to be something scary as shit so it strikes emotion in the consumers. Also Zombies were meh but something creative, not just wolves/bears with backpacks seems kind of lame. Hope it’s going to get more interesting from here on out.

Someone suggested dinosaurs I think in the release notes comments, to be honest that sounds amazing. But will it drop metal fragments? And cans of tuna!? Don’t forget the tuna!

I don’t mind the bears/wolves as placeholders for future development and can understand the idea behind removing zombies early. But the fact bears can drop weapons is just ridiculous. Everybody knows it’s alright to bear arms, but a definite no-no to arm bears!!!

I really like the idea of aliens. You could add little green thingies that are very small and can hide in the grass- and you can only hear them once they are very close. Scary atmosphere included!

OR even maybe something like Mutated people? with extra arms and heads etc

That’s a good idea but no. Garry just had to add reskinned wolves and bears…

While I am not too keen in the idea of adding aliens, I do like the idea of mutated wildlife as well as still normal animals. Maybe some mutated crocodiles (seeing as there will be swamp land eventually) as a sort of dinosaur-esque enemy.
Having groups of AI survivors strolling through the plains or maybe small shelter groups where mutated humans have gathered? This would obviously only be realistic if the map expands, considering the ridiculous number of players on official servers (as well as some community ones) where groups of NPCs would just add too much to the map maybe?
All and all, a lot of promising ideas gathering here :smiley:

Another idea caves with mutants hiding in them?

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And they come out at night looking for food

Specific mobs at night seems like a good idea. Currently I’m gathering/hunting during the day and try to be back at my house at night to craft/build. Making sure some monsters only come out at night gives a great incentive to go out then.

Half-Life Overwatch Troops FTW