Replacement Models in addons

I have a g3a3 model thats made to replace the ar2 in HL2. I want to use it in an addon. I want it to replace the ar2. When i load the game up the normal AR2 model is still there. Any ideas on how i can do this in an addon or gamemode format?

Post the addon contents.

but i guess you already did…
isn’t it possible to create a new weapon instead or would that take to much time?

like, the filenames and structure of it? okay. one sec



I would have to hex the model and i havent ever done that before and i am lazy :stuck_out_tongue: this should work.
I may just end up doing that.

From what I understand, this doesn’t work anymore.

Originally, we had to set a key in the info file:

"override" "1"

Or something like that, but apparently it doesn’t do anything anymore the last I heard.

Might be wrong, though.

You pretty much have to put it into the models folder yourself.

Garry removed it because Conna forced every server running server secure to add [SS] to the game name.

Or something along those lines.


Anyone wana hex a model for me? ill pay you in cookies.


I also will script anything you like within reason.

I’ll hex it for ya awate, just whenever you’re online or answer me XD
You’re still needing this aren’t you?