Replacing a Map Texture with a Transparent Texture

For the past hour I’ve been attempting to replace a maps texture with my own to make the walls transparent.

local noDrawTex = CreateMaterial(“NoDrawTex”, “UnlitGeneric”, {
["$basetexture"] = “vgui/black”,
["$translucent"] = 1,
["$alpha"] = 0
Material(“BUILDING_TEMPLATE/ROOF_TEMPLATE001A”):SetTexture("$basetexture", noDrawTex:GetTexture("$basetexture"))
Material(“BUILDING_TEMPLATE/ROOF_TEMPLATE001A”):SetTexture("$bumpmap", noDrawTex:GetTexture("$basetexture"))

This is the the result that I don’t want:

How can I make the material transparent?

“Make the walls transparent”, yet you replace floor texture.

You are using incorrect shader for one.

Black floor seems like the right result considering your applying a pure black texture that has no translucency?

Give an example then?

I did have a vtf earlier with a fully transparent effect and when I applied it, it still did the same thing as vgui/black.


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Then you do $vertexalpha 1 and $vertexcolor 1 and maybe something will show up.

Tried what you said and I still have the same thing.

I also did “Material(“BUILDING_TEMPLATE/ROOF_TEMPLATE001A”):SetFloat(”$alpha", 0)" and that made the texture clear, but I could see the 3d skybox.

I’m just going to assume that I need my own custom map to do this.