Replacing Camo Patterns

Hey guys.

I’ve been trying to work on some new skins for FT’s COD: Ghosts Federation Models, mostly apply new camouflage patterns. For the Elite PMC Models, that’s not a big issue as there is a Black set of BDUs to work with, but for the Regular Fed Models, that’s not the case.

Does anyone have a good tutorial or a method to remove camouflage patterns without leaving a big white blob in the image? If so, can you send me a copy please?

The only way I’ve found that works is to “recreate” the diffuse texture using an AO map and Cavity/Curvature map.
If you have Photoshop, you can use dDo to create AO and Cavity maps from the textures that you already have.

From there it’s a matter of overlaying everything until you have a “clean” texture.