Replacing Crowbar Model

(Using Maya 2012)

So, I’ve opened up the example Crowbar_reference.smd that’s in …\sourcesdk_content\hl2\modelsrc\weapons\v_crowb ar and replaced the crowbar with an axe. I parented the axe to the rig. This is kinda where my knowledge ends. This is the first time I’ve tried any kind of modeling other than just new props.

What options should I be setting in the SMD exporter?

I’ve tried some things for a while and finally got a smd and a qc, copied the smds from the example folder and replaced the reference one with my new one. Compiled the reference v_crowbar.qc so that it would just take my new reference smd along with the example animation smds. Model won’t open in model viewer and there is no model at all in my mod. Can hear the swing sounds etc but just nothing visually.

Does the mesh have to be on the reference layer in maya and should I export the reference layer? I just tried to do this and now I’m back to getting no smd or qc -.- and this is what I’m getting from maya:

run time commands loadedfile -f -o "E:/Users/Andy/Documents/maya/projects/centralia/scenes/weapons/Crowbar_reference.mb";
requires "stereoCamera" "10.0";
// File read in 0 seconds.
// Warning: The renderer ('base_OpenGL_Renderer') is not a registered renderer. Renderer will not be set. // 
// Error: No object matches name: strokeGlobals.wrapH // 
// Warning: Active stereo does not work with Aero enabled. Active stereo has been disabled. // 
// E:/Users/Andy/Documents/maya/projects/centralia/scenes/weapons/Crowbar_reference.mb // 
commandPort -securityWarning -name commandportDefault;
select -r polySurface1 ;
select -r pasted__ValveBiped_Bip01_R_Clavicle ;
select -r pasted__ValveBiped_Bip01_R_Clavicle ;
select -cl  ;
select -r pasted__ValveBiped_Bip01_R_Clavicle ;
rotate -r -ws 15.267222 0 0 ;
// 3 // 
// Undo: 
select -r polySurface1 ;
move -r 0.83833 0 0 ;
select -tgl pasted__polySurface1 ;
select -cl  ;
select -r polySurface1 pasted__polySurface1 pasted__polySurface3 pasted__polySurface4 ;
createDisplayLayer -name "layer1" -number 1 -nr;
// layer1 // 
setAttr layer1.visibility 1; setAttr layer1.displayType 0; setAttr layer1.color 0; rename layer1 reference;
// reference // 


EDIT: Now at this stage:

I think you’ll agree that not only is the material broken but the model looks nothing like an axe o.O more like a plank of wood lol. This is during a swing too. When the model is idle it is not even visible on the screen. I checked the origins of things in maya to the original and they seem the same to me!

try here

Lol, I already did! Someone told me to try here! XD

I think the reference.smd is the model itself, maybe post your .qc?



$modelname weapons/v_crowbar.mdl
$cdmaterials models\Weapons\V_hand models\Weapons\V_crowbar

// whole body
$body studio "crowbar_reference.smd"

//Tip of axe
$attachment 0 "ValveBiped.Tip" 0 0 0

$origin 0 0 68

$sequence idle01 "Idle01" loop fps 30 activity ACT_VM_IDLE 1
$sequence draw "draw" fps 30 snap activity ACT_VM_DRAW 1
$sequence misscenter1 "Attackcenter_miss_1" fps 30 snap activity ACT_VM_MISSCENTER 1
$sequence misscenter2 "Attackcenter_miss_2" fps 30 snap activity ACT_VM_MISSCENTER 1
$sequence hitcenter1 "Attackcenter01" fps 30 snap activity ACT_VM_HITCENTER 1
$sequence hitcenter2 "Attackcenter02" fps 30 snap activity ACT_VM_HITCENTER 1
$sequence hitcenter3 "Attackcenter03" fps 30 snap activity ACT_VM_HITCENTER 1
$sequence hitkill1 "Hitkill01" fps 30 snap activity ACT_VM_HITKILL 1
$sequence holster "Holster" fps 30 activity ACT_VM_HOLSTER 1

It’s the same as the one in the example folder that valve has provided. All I’ve done is try to change the model in crowbar_reference.smd.