Replacing Default Content via Workshop

I’m curious about this because I found a certain addon that replaces the flatline sound on death with the Inception horn, but when I uploaded my combat boot sounds for the footsteps they don’t work.

Is there a reason for this? If there’s something else I have to do please let me know.

Anyone? I kinda need to get this fixed.

Maybe the inception sound was named differently from the flatline sound and a lua hook was used on player death?

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I found you a hook too

Make customstep.lua (or however you want to call it) inside lua\autorun
local mySound = Sound(“path/to/your/footsteps.wav”)
function GM:PlayerFootstep( ply, pos, foot, sound, volume, rf )
ply:EmitSound(mySound) – Play your footsteps.
return true – If you don’t return (end the function), the engine will proceed to play its own footsteps on top

If it doesn’t work at first, try making another copy of the lua file inside lua\autorun\client.