Replacing DoDS soldier .phys files...

As most of you know, DoDS soldiers have terrible flexibility if you are trying to pose with them. I recently attempted replacing their .phys files with the .phys files of one of NexusElite’s awesomely flexible ragdolls. Unfortunately, upon testing, I ran into a slight problem… the arms and legs bend the wrong way. I don’t have the proper resources to edit the .phys file and was wondering if anybody perhaps knew either a way to fix it, a flexible ragdoll who’s .phys file could replace the DoDS ones, or maybe a link to a flexible DoDS soldier patch if there is one.

For the DoD:S soldire version of my skin, I edited the joint constrains to be a little better.

I’m not sure if it’s as flexible as you want though.

It should hopefully be better than the default. Ill test it out.


**Hmm, the arms and legs seem okay, but the joint between the upper and lower torso is rather constrained.

As i said use the combine soldier phys files.