Replacing Health With Heart Beat Animation

I have a heart animation GIF that I would like to place in my game-mode as a replacement of the normal health. The plan is that with the less health that you have the animation slows and when you die it stops or just disappears until you respawn. Along with the animation I want to get a sound of a heart beat to play in sink with it, is this possible? Or is their some substitute?


Haven’t been on gmod in a while but is it possible to put .gif animations into the game O.o

If so I can make one. Sorry Im a little rusty on coding, haven’t been doing it for a while

My main question is if it is possible. If I can find some confirmation that it is possible.

You cant just use a gif sadly, Its also white backgrounded.

If you want an actual beating heart, You would need to have an Animated VTF and control its playback speed via Proxies.

No idea how I would do that, would you be able to help me?

Im not really a good “Artist” so to say, Not in the Direct way of Pens/Pencils and Photoshop.

If the vtf is complete and done i could make a mock-up script for it.

Well the VTF is now ready and I do beilieve I have removed the white. Heres the download link:
This is my first time saving a VTF but I did download the correct plugin and program for it.

I have done it wrong, it is no animated. I am fixing it now.


I have fixed it, here it is:

what did you fix? is it animated now? or is it working for in game purposes?
sorry for any bumps

It is now animated, has no white background and is a VTF.

did you make the script for it ? also if you did made it would you mind posting it here please.