Replacing Metal Doors!

Since the update, it seems to me that I am unable to replace metal doors I blew down when raiding someones house.

Does anyone if they made it so you can not do that or is just the server I play on?

There’s a ~5 minute timer between destroying a door and being able to replace it. You’re probably going to get some crybabies replying here saying you shouldn’t replace the doors but fuck 'em; Rust is a harsh existence.

That is what I am saying. I was playing on my 2ed server’ raided this guy, and tried to put a door and was confused. Haha.

This guy in my main server said he got raided they took all his shit, left him and all 4 of his friends alive, blew all the walls around them, put in doorways, and put in metal doors and locked them in there with no c4, nades, anything because they didnt have any in their bags.

Game is about trolling, game is about surviving, you have to do what you have to do.

Players like them and you who keeps ruining this game…

and also the ones that start cheating sooner or later…

We are not ruining the game, we are playing the game and using strategy to effectively increase our survival and our chance to dominate in the server. It as if I used aimbot to shot you across the map, speedhack to your body and loot your corpse and take the c4 you just got out of an airdrop. No. I am simply using the resources I farmed in a way to help me survive.

If you are against people using strategy to raid your building and do what they have to do, don’t play a game that is based around PvP and survival.

hahaha I always wondered to myself if I would sit there trying to crack their code to unlock the door or if I would die of starvation first hahah. Guess I have to wait to be put into that situation

I would commit suicide and start over :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha…go play on a PvE server if you can’t handle people raiding your base and claiming it as their own. This isn’t some carebear adventure, Rust is meant to be hard.

I’m with you…it’s one thing to steal someones shit, but it’s another to nullify their entire base. Don’t be a dick, just take my stuff and go.

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When base defenses come in and you die 1000 times trying to raid someones base I’ll be laughing when you come bitching about how you can’t just walk in and steal shit anymore. The only reason you love it so much right now is because there isn’t any balance, once there is balance you’ll be bitching too but for invalid reasons.

I’m very much looking forward to more base defenses. I enjoy both raiding people and defending my own base. Once more defenses are put in place the added challenge and creativity that goes into reaching the stash will enhance my Rust experience. You’ll see no complaints from me.

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Hahaha Yeh I know I can do that, and I may after the 3rd or 4th failed code input hahah

Same thing happened to my friends and me. Someone blew in the house doors - walled us into our sleeping area and put a door on that didn’t belong to us. Thought it was quite creative… they actually left us with all our gear but not carrying enough charges to blow through wall or door. Had to suicide and make the mad dash to alternate stashes around. Pretty fun time - also found the flaw in our defense so we knew what not to do next time.

It works fine on the server im playing on… just the few minutes cooldown which is normal…