Replacing the crowbar in XSI

Ok, I made a minecraft pickaxe model in XSI, textured it, and exported it to smd, and tried to replace the crowbar using milkshape like I do.
Problem is, MS3D is fucked so I can’t do it.
How do I hack my pickaxe onto the crowbar using XSI?

Also, here’s a pic of the axe from minecraft that I hand modeled

>> Stop talking about the texture refs


delete the hitbox section.

Fixed OP



I’m afraid your model is really bad and really unoptimised.

Why, What are all those circle things? I’ve been modelling in XSI For ages and never seen them before. Already it looks unoptimized. If you want to replace the crowbar you’ll need it scaled right and a view model of it.

I’m pretty sure that’s the spherical texture projection thing.

It’s a benchtest to see if it will look good, no need to have a fucking fit.

Yeh those are texture projection markers.

I like the idea of the minecraft axe :smiley:

you need to add it to the first person model. Also in XSI you have to freeze all transforms before you export.

(I already have the crowbar refs)

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Fucking milkshape and it’s unregisterablity

In what way was that having a fit?

He was merely pointing out why your model is shit.

Alright, sorry. Now fuck off.

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