Replacing the L4D2 Models with Soldiers

So basicly… I HATE the stupid Characters in L4D and L4D2, so i would really like to see them replaced with the HECU Grunts. LINK:
I’ll work on getting the models onto a working site so you can download them, but before i do that i just wanna know if anyone is interested in helping me do this. We gotta get these guys onto a L4D2 skeleton, maybe 4 different ones which is gonna be a pain, but if a modeler wants to help me then please reply to this.
Pwweease? : 3

Do we even know what the L4D2 models use yet? ~.~

ssa gib A is the one to ask about L4D replacements, seeing as he is one of the few to get it to work ^^

i think it uses the same format as the old l4d i think but don’t hold me too it

well dude, no. it cant be done becuse the link is dead.

I have the models on my computer dumbass, did you even read the whole post?..
Don’t even say anything if you can’t contribute…

I think it’d be better to use the AA3 models. They’re really high-res and realistic.

your really cheaky to people i don’t even know why people would want to help someone as rude as you :/.

Now… you see…

  1. I’m always nice to people, Unless they:
    A: Make stupid comments/replies
    B: Say something stupid

I’m never angry at people UNLESS they do something to me first.

They’re not all that realistic.

Namely not every US Soldier under the sun has kneepads, elbowpads and Shoulderpads

They’re better than the grunts ^^

If you look at the texture files, there’s a huge amount of variation. There’s models whithout all of the protection pads, with just a combatshirt on for example. Much more gear too.

And they’re very realisticly created to really look like modern army gear.

I’d be fine with someone making ANOTHER replacement, but what i really want is the HECU grunts, since they fit. They look kickass(Specially with L4D’s shader). Maybe we could try to replace the L4D characters first and then when L4D2 SDK is out we move on? Anyone wanna help? Taggart i know you’re a big guy in modeling, you up for it? I’m willing to put in some work too if you’re willing to teach me how to set the HECU Grunt models onto the L4D Characters skeletons?

Oh hi, been there, done that :smiley:

Soo, umm, wanna teach me? I’ll like gief you monies.

Why the fuck are you play Left 4 Dead f you don’t like the characters.

Get out…

This…your so quick to replace the original models for the l4d2 characters. Why don’t you replace the l4d1 characters instead?

Ok, let me rephrase this request politely.
“Hey, guys, I was wondering. I wanted to try something different with the L4D survivor models by replacing them entirely with the HECU grunts. Is it possible to do this, and if so, is L4D2 able to follow this as well? Let me know if you have any info on this. I’m also thinking that I might need backup on this if I decide to do it, so I’d appreciate your assistance.”

Was that so hard? Compared to snapping at Uncle_Earl, then saying that you’ll “put some work in some work” if you figure out how to do it?
And finally, why would you replace the L4D2 characters with run-of-the-mill soldiers? You don’t like the characters, who aren’t tactical enough? Seriously, just wait, or reskin L4D characters. Completely replacing them kinda ruins the experience.

How about, less critizising what i write and more helping me do this. Pwwwwwwwwweaaaaaassseeee

Begging for something will get you nothing.

corewarp3 how about you do it your self because your idea is omega retarded.

we have tolded you it can’t be done the files are locked untill the 27th!!!

can one of the admins lock this thread please.