Replacing the the missing texture texture.


A server I typically play on uses a model, and the texture for the model is fine, with the exception of one little piece of equipment on the model, which is a pink and black missing texture.

I know it seems small, but I was wondering if there was a way to replace the texture with something that blends in better, like pure black.

I went into GCFScape and went to hl2/root/materials/debug, and found debugempty.vtf, the file for the texture. I then exported it, edited it, then created a new set of folders in Half Life 2/hl2/materials/debug/debugempty.vtf, with the last file being the one I edited.

Next, I set the launch options for Garry’s Mod to, “-override_vpk.”

Clearly I did something wrong, because the texture is still pink and black. Is there anyway to do what I’m trying to do?


TL;DR: How do you replace the pink and black missing texture with something else?

  1. You are trying to override the wrong texture
  2. You are overriding it in HL2 for some reason
  3. I am pretty sure -override_vpk is not a thing, at least not in gmod
  4. You need to just put the missing texture into the materials/ folder of gmod. Not overridden texture.

I guess what I’m asking is, is how do you directly replace .vtf files in GCFScape, because I’ve tried to put the file in hl2/materials, and hl2/materials/debug (which is where it is in the root folder of GCFScape)

I’ve tried putting it in the same folders, except replace hl2 with garrysmod.


The answer to that question is YOU CANNOT.