Replica troops get attacked by zombies.

Anyway, the original is in the edit my screenshot thread, if you want to edit it.
Image music:

C&C please :slight_smile:
71st GIMP edit! :woop:

Why are they called Replica soldiers, anyway? Also it looks pretty good. The blood and muzzleflashes are a little eh, though.

They’re all clones. :science:

The Replica being tackled seems a bit off, and (in my opinion) the muzzle flash could be larger for dramatic effect, but it’s good.

Very nice edit!

Looks damn good!

They where clones and named replica in the game F.E.A.R.

Nice work by the way.

The blood on some of the zombies looks kinda thin.

pretty nice!

Guy getting tackled down by the zombie is a little stiff, and his feet elevated a bit too much off the ground. Other than that this pic is nice

Good pic, inparticular I like the posing on the Replica who’s about to smack the zombie in the face.

I’m still looking for good muzzle flash effects, there is no way I could make one from scratch, thanks for the positive feedback guys! :cheers:
I’m about to redo the muzzle flash :razz:

From scratch is easy :buddy:
Just create a fuzzy circle and smugde it out with different sizes etc.

Well, I use it for my plasma-muzzles and never got negative comments about it.
So I guess it works with normal muzzles too.


It’s okay. Muzzleflash looks really pasted on though.