Replicated Piano Model

I’m looking for a piano model for use in a machinima. I’m looking for a specific piano model, similar to the one used in this video here:

The piano model already available in Gmod is not the right kind of piano. Could someone, please then, make me a piano model similar to the one seen in the video? I’d appreciate any help in the matter.

Wrong section.
And if that piano is in gmod… you should be able to get it.

It’s not in Gmod, though.

There’s a piano model in Gmod, but it’s an upright piano. I was hoping for a **grand[/]b piano.

Any help, please?


i cant spawn that piano, any help with that?

There is one in Nightfire, i tried to convert it but I had no luck with it.

I was working to port a Piano model for my friend but it was way too high poly. Now I know how to reduce the poly count I may have another go ^^

That would be awesome, Silver.

if you get the piano. make it a npc.
no im not joking… ever play Mario 64?
it had man-eating pianos

Ha ha. Wow.

Wouldn’t know how to.

true. someone would most likely have to build the npc from scratch.

Well, could you give it zombie AI and just rig it to different animations?

that to.
OR you find someone who can rip from N64 games…though it might be impossible


i know we are getting off topic but here is the mad piano i was talking about

Is that even possible? I mean, an old N64 game like Mario might not rip well.

like i said. ripping it might be impossible. and if it did work would have horrible graphics

I’m sure there are N64 Ported models around, but yes they would be low poly i’d guess.

Dammit, Dukov got himself perma-banned.

im gonna try to rip it from super mario 64 ds

That would be awesome, man.