Replying to people who ask for keys

Hey everyone, I have been browsing the Rusts forums and every time I see someone ask for a beta/alpha they get a lot of shit. I see people calling the OP retarded, kids, or just blown out stupid and underage. Now, I get the feeling of why a person can’t just look at the top of the forums for the sticky, but hey not everybody notices it. To me, there is no reason to be calling somebody who asked for a key a retard, or “little kid”. You can just simply say “They are not giving out keys at the moment, please check back in a couple of weeks/ days.” or “Here, refer to this post about getting keys for rust.” You can say things nice, simple, and clean. No need for so much rudeness. :slight_smile:

Please feel free about your opinions on people who ask for keys, or my post and why you would agree or not. Anyways have fun and Rust on! :smiley:

Yea atleast you think so dude.

I guess i agree with this… dont we want the rust community to be nice and helpful not rude and ignorant?

What exactly do you mean in this sentence?

if you can’t read the fucking sticky

then you don’t belong on this fucking forum

end of story

Okay, so answer me this. If the sticky says there are no keys being given out, why does it say under your name to ask you for a key?

Have you ever heard of a joke?

I don’t give sympathy for stupidity. If they didn’t read the giant as fucking text at the top, and only came here for a Rust key, they clearly don’t deserve to stay. It’s our own way of weening out the inept I guess you could say.

If you can’t read shit properly, what makes you think we’re going to help you?

What’s the difference between our answers and the stickies? Absolutely none. They’re both in fucking front of you.

rust on? the fuck is that, some kind of spray paint?

lol yea that’s what it sounds like, but it was some stupid thing I thought of.

“Rust On, apply directly to the forehead.”

goddammit funions title lovin is back

also my title is a special rust key detecting title

it only says ask me if you don’t have a rust key

See, I have the game.

No title. OP, ask him for a key.

He actually gives out keys? or its just a joke?

For serious, he gives out keys.