Report 'by PlayRust.EU' Problems here! (Downtimes, ...)

Hey everyone,

we’ve received a huge amount of feedback in the last days and we’re about to setup new customer servers. Thanks for all the constructive feedback!
So, this thread is to provide feedback as well as reporting problems with the servers.

Keep in mind: This is an alpha. Servers WILL crash. Saves WILL be corrupted.

What we’ve been working on the past days:

  • Automatic crash recovery
  • DDoS mitigation
  • Making EU servers more stable
  • Bringing up US servers
  • Control Panel

Why is server XY down?!
Either it’s being attacked, we’re working on it or it crashed (and our scripts couldn’t recover it)
-> Post in this thread and we’ll take a look at it.

We don’t. We wipe when it’s necessary only. If you want to have control over wipes, get a server from
For some changes it’s absolutely necessary to wipe. So, it’s either we wipe or you can’t play.

Can we contact you trough
Please report server problems only here. Making Tickets, Live-Chats or PMing us will slow down fixing the servers :wink:

why don’t you just do this on your website? is this easier?

Because players probably don’t want to sign up in a second system.

I think those US Central servers are yours… they’re both down.

Yup, both Central (I and II) servers are down. I believe they crashed suddenly, as it wasn’t a DDoS. They probably just need a manual restart.

Us 1 and 2 should be restarted :wink:

One of you Servers (/ is down since about 5 Hours

It’s back up

Oops. Forgot to turn auto-restart after updates off.

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EU Central Sleepers back up.

As far as i can see the server is not online :confused:

Although it shows Central One and Two on the list I still cannot connect to either.

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Probably a broken/incompatible update then. We gotta wait on the devs here.

Any updateas on / (hosted by ?

If you can give me a proper servername… ports change all the time.

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US saves corrupted once again, .sav.old.x overwritten as well because of non-wroking update.

i can’T give you the exact server name i just know it came online with the UK - United Kingdom - English Only (Hosted by PlayRust.EU) and has (Hosted by PlayRust.EU) in it’s name

Sorry, but that one is up?!
Connected Players: 16

it’S not UK - United Kingdom - English Only (Hosted by PlayRust.EU) there was another server with (Hosted by PlayRust.EU) in it’s name

That one won’t come back up, it was a testserver.

If one were to purchase the dedicated hosting service, what kind of control do you get? Is there a whitelist/blacklist for banning/allowing players/ip’s? Can you perform rollbacks and the like?

Please contact us directly trough the website. This topic is just for player problems :wink: