Report Files on

From what I can tell, there is (was) some sort of way to report a file on It seems to be through the JavaScript Command javascript:ReportFile(). Upon trying to use it to report an SVN of Wiremod on, it threw back the error “You didn’t give a reason!”, even though I gave a reason. Is this feature disabled ATM, or am I doing something wrong?

I’m getting the same thing. I’m guessing that Garry disabled it.

Question is, why? SOMEBODY’s gotta get rid of all of the SVN’s of Wiremod on, and I’m assuming Garry has better things to do.

He got rid of the report button in the first place for a reason. When people started using javascript:ReportFile(), and he found out about it, I’m guessing he got rid of that too.
Reasons being that someone could use a proxy to report spam every front-page file on there. That’s the only reasonable thing I can think of, anyways.

It asks for a reason, though. I mean, like I hear of people on Wiremod (people like the global mods) say that they’ve reported a file on is it a “you can only use it if you have been a member for x days?”

Nope. I’ve been a member for a long time, still can’t report.
Just say oh well, and in time, the SVN dump of wiremod will eventually be deleted.

Oh, and the global mods were reporting files before this change was brought in effect. It must have been done this month, because last time I reported a file was about a month ago, give or take a week.

oh. mmkay. damn shame that some “oh, let’s report everything for the lulz” people ruined it for everyone else.