Report Griefers here

In the game of Rust, a griefer is very identical to a minge in Garry’s mod. The aim of these griefers are not to KOS, but to fuck your shit up, your stuff up, your house up, and everything you have… up. Such as building barricades in front of your doors or a platform to reach an exposed window and climb through, or just generally block everything in your home that seems like an exit to the griefer.

One such person that’s said griefer is Lubatchi, another player on Rust. He has put barricades in front of my doors and also used them to climb over my unfinished ceiling and into my house and has also put doors in front of my own windows. Every time I mow him down with my M4, he always comes back for more, giving me a fear of him climbing into my house and taking all I have to offer. All I’m saying is to watch out for this player and to not give him help in any way. I could not film/take any pictures these events for it was the heat of the moment for me and I’ve stayed on for very little.

Please watch out for Lubatchi and other griefers and if you do, point them out.

So that guy IS a fucking little bitch.

He glitched into my house which is weird because it was a preset house and you can’t clip through several doors. Don’t know if he used a hack or not.

He claimed I had blocked resources with walls, even though I spawned in my own Goddamn house. So, he killed me. I spawned right behind him, and chopped his dumb ass up.

I was building a base with a pal of mine and this asshole jumps our barricade and mows us down with a shotgun. 276 wood down the drain.

Papieros99 is a pain in the ass. Freaking pole just griefing everything with his friend

Got the name of his friend? Thanks.

I’ve experienced the same thing with Lubatchi. Me and a friend starting building a base when he started putting barricades in front of our house. Lost a lot of wood and weaponry…

Dzoker26 or whatever this little shit’s name is, kept trying to glitch into my house, he never learned and I always killed him because he made such a fucking racket outside.

This just in: the little dirtbag took everything in my boxes and logged off inside my house. Time to camp.

I think someone did that to me, since all my boxes are empty, but there’s no visible break-in point that they could’ve used.

I’m your neighbour by the way (TaintedTurnip)


temeX just tried to glitch into my house, so while he wasn’t looking, I moved upstairs, and shot his head from above with my M4. So there’s another one to add to the list.

I’ve moved pretty far away now, and it seems to be griefer free, except for the common bandit. Give moving out your house a go, works for me.

This thread is hilarious. Just change the name to “PEOPLE WHO PLAY THE GAME DIFFERENT LIST” and you’ll be set.

You guys are intense. This list could arguably contain everyone who plays, from someone’s perspective.

LOL people there is no rules about griefing but when I find a griefers base I cover it in foundations so he can enjoy staying in there till he starves or next wipe comes…

This… This.


Islandagent took my building by griefing all the doors…

Right now, it pretty much does. The hacking and killing is so prevalent that everyone just shoots first. People who have nothing, killing people who have nothing worth killing them for. It’s kind of like a REAL postapocalyptic scenario, actually. Except, after the apocalypse, the average age is probably going to be a little above 11, unlike in-game currently.

This game badly needs some kind of consequences for killing others. Given the anonymity of the internet, people WILL be total morons, and you have to put up some kind of rules to stop them, no matter what Garry thinks.

Instance is a speedhacker. I have had it with this guy he is trolling me so much I’m finding it hard to even play the game. people like this need to be banned from rust

thanks garry for this epic game

Bunch of guys, built two massive towers on a hill, bunch of griefing bastards…oh wait thats me and the jesters