[REPORT]Just got this private message from this user!

Just received this private message from this USER !

I play for #BAM CLAN on the UNITED KINGODM SERVER and im currently the leader and my nickname ingame is [#BAM]Kronix

I never HACKED and i dont even know how to.

Either he got the nickname WRONG or someone is using my nickname!

ANYWAY, i’m gona send him this thread through a PM and i’m gona encourage him to post the video here!

I don’t want to get a bad reputation in this game, so i hope someone can clarify this.

If you didn’t hack, I doubt you have anything to worry about.

Come on, SolidOwlPL, post dat vid, we’re all excited to see Kronix teleporting.

Who the fuck cares? Report him to a mod instead of making shit threads about it.

If you must extend dumb drama by replying to it, there’s still no need to shit up the forum with a play-by-play of what’s happening in PMs with some fucker who’s accusing you of hacking. It literally has nothing to do with Rust.

Someone with your name flew to the top of my house (about 8 stories) and back down shooting me in the back with shotguns/M4s, he was porting round our town ect as well.

Then the servers started getting DDOSed xD

EDIT: btw he didn’t use your clan tag just your name.

i’ve seen a Cronix and a Karniox around, but not another Kronix… :s

Well then, that might be it. I’ve tried to play a little mind game saying that i have a video recorded and hopefully get the hacker that got me the other day. But like you said there is a couple players with the similar name to you and i honestly don’t know anymore what it exactly was…

Next time i come around a hacker i need to be prepared…
If it wasn’t you sorry for the inconvenience