Report logging

Hi i’d like someone if there keen to make it, a small little menu that sits on the screen where players can report users for bad things thye have done while a admin may have not been on. It would jsut been small and say make a report in a little button, and it would be allowed to be dragged around (im sure there is a command to do that).

Once clicked on the report button in the same spot the window would extend having text boxes where you could write there steam name (or choose from a list) the date and time (which would be automatic and it would be the serverside time) and a reason of what they did. Then they would click send and it would send it into the logs so when a admin comes on it would pop up on there screen.

I know it’s alot but if someone was to make it it would be very useful.
Also we use assmod maybe you could bind it with that

if this was made i can see a lot of random reports =X

Someone made something like this a while ago, I will see if I can find it.


FlapJack made it, but released it as part of his admin mod.