Report System - Because we all know that this will help so much.

The title says it all. It’s a configurable report system. Here are some screenshots of the GUI.
Report a player menu: 2014-07-11 13.25.17.png[/thumb]

Report Administration Menu: A report will be green if it’s open, and orange if it’s closed.
[thumb] 2014-07-11 13.25.28.png[/thumb]

Anyone can report, but there’s a cool down so people can’t spam like shit. Only Admins can view the admin menu( duh ), however you can define players that don’t “derive” their permissions from admin in the config. Only Super Admins can delete reports.
Configurable variables:
[thumb] 2014-07-11 13.44.58.png

If you find a bug feel free to make a pull request and fix it. Or you can submit an issue on GitHub, just don’t spam this thread with issues. Have a request? Post below, and I’ll see what I can do.

Forgot to add how you open the menus.
!report in chat will open the report menu, and !reporta will open the report admin menu.

Note: For anyone who wants MySQL support, I may add it as another option to the current file saving/loading system if the support for it is big enough.

Known Bugs: None as of now


Line 94 after

 && ply:SA()

add another )

Sorry. Put that in a hot fix didn’t test it. Also you made me realize that’s supposed to be checking for admin not super admin.:suicide: Thanks

was able to see this before you release it and somewhat beta test it but sadly you suck at port forwarding , What game mode would you say this addon is best for?

There’s no reason to port forward if no one is going to join. This could be used in most game modes where rules are set in place.

Nice! +Like!

Looks really nice, good work!

It’s free, and well made - what else do you need?

A Cookie

(Just so I don’t get banned for shitposting)

Crazy I messaged you about a bug ^.^

Looks very nice and will make it easier for players to report people. Sucks when there are no admins or mods on a server and there are current rule breakers. But with this addon, you can at least ensure that person(s) will be punished when a staff member does get on. Great work crazy, keep it up.

How can i change the command?
I would like to translate the command and insted of “!report” be “/report”

Added a configuration option for it! I also added version checking to make sure you’re up to date with the latest version.

Nice! Thank you!

Any chance you’ll implement sql support?

If enough people request it.

SQL support would be nice tho, save everything on the database and read it trough the web

This looks pretty awesome!

you should add !reportlist, so all moderator/admin ranks can see all reports

Use. !reporta. That’s what’s it’s there for, unless you’ve changed it.

Very useful,thanks.