My account under the name “Sucker” was hacked… They hacked my e-mail and my rust account… I do not know who did it. I no longer have the e-mail since they changed the password for it and I did not set a recovery for my e-mail. I have the original password if that helps in someway. I don’t mind if the account is banned but I would really like it back.

Please help.

If you have not yet registered the key then you can reclaim it here


Otherwise, I suggest you do a ticket here:


Include as much details as possible, and while you’re at it get in contact with your email provider to reclaim your email address.

Contact your email provider and recover it ?

Edit: He beat me to it :slight_smile: Exactly what he said ^

Thanks for the reply. I never even knew that ticket page even existed. Thanks :slight_smile: