Reporter - A tool for logging

** Reporter is a tool for administrators to see what users have been doing**

  • Features *
    Reporting Menu (report players, saves and is accessible by admins at all times)
    Anti Prop Killing (kicked if a set of warnings are obtained. warnings are set by a ConVar. Admins are warned when a user tries to propkill.)
    Executer (stop players from spawning props, freeze them)
    Damagelog (did he die by a prop, a weapon, or falldamage? you’ll know)
    Chat Logs (log what happens in chat)
    Bomb Prop Blocking

  • To come *
    Death Tracer (like the Visualizer in TTT, if I can do it)

  • Pictures *
    ** Report Menu **

** When a user sends in a report, this is sent to the admins**

** When an admin checks up on all the reports **

** Executer **

** Damagelog **

reporter_propkillreporter 0/1 (is the propkill reporter disabled?)
reporter_propkillwarnings 1/* (how many warnings would a player have before getting kicked if reporter_propkillreporter is set to 1
reporter_blockbombs 0/1 (should bombs be blocked?)
reporter_damagelogcons 0/1 (turn the damagelog on and off)
reporter_damagelogsaving 0/1 (should the damagelog save in a file? reporter_damagelogcons must be set to 1)

Chat Commands
!report (Opens the report menu)
!reports (Lists all reports in the Console, admin only)

  • ConCommands*
    reporter_execute (execute a command, freeze and stopprops, superadmin only)
    reporter_damagelog (prints the damagelog into the Console, superadmin only)
    reporter_cleardamagelog (clears the damagelog, superadmin only)
    reporter_chatlogs (prints the chatlogs into the Console, superadmin only)
    reporter_clearchatlogs (clears the chatlogs, superadmin only)

Entity:IsProp() will detect if the entity is a prop


 Leave your suggestions please!

Another solid release from tyguy, definitely improved Lua. Nice Job!

Thanks! Any suggestions on it?

I haven’t found much personal application for your releases, but I for one, appreciate you releasing things on a regular basis that are helpful to people. Rare around these parts.

Hey, anything to help the community, right?

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Done the damagelog system

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Done the chatlog system

If you haven’t already, could you add a option to save the damagelogs in a text file. Anyways nicely done, it looks awesome!

This may be every server owners dream lol, very nice work!


Making a drop down menu to choose the players name and it could auto fill the STEAMID section, it could become a pain to type status in console every time.

I am going to kiss your feet! Thank you so much! Now all I need is teh download link!


This feature would really help out a lot but say the person chooses to disconnect, then you would still need to allow people to either type stuff in and/or use the drop down menu.

Thanks for all the positive comments,
i’ll go work on the damagelog saving now and then the dropdown box

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Added the damagelog saving and I added two more ConVars
reporter_damagelogcons 0/1 (turn the damagelog on and off)
reporter_damagelogsaving 0/1 (should the damagelog save in a file? reporter_damagelogcons must be set to 1)

Could you add a system to show the logs in chat, for others this may be annoying but I could really use it on the fly. (enable/disable option in the settings)


GrazingBacon propkilled tyguy with prop “models/props_c17/lockers001a.mdl”**

I’m mostly suggesting this for prop killing only but could be with other logs with toggle commands to show in chat or console only.

i did that for the damagelog
oh and it warns when a player tries to propkill

added a more realistic way of timing events (used to check by how long the server was up, now it checks by day, month, year and exact time) check screenshots

Nice job, useful for my server.
Funny i keep seeing your name too.

thanks, where do you keep seeing my name??

On a server name lol

wow that’s weird.

Is there any way to get this or is it still in dev.

Up above then o.o


So is there a download link please? I am dying to get this onto my server!