Reporter in Iraq escorted by two PMCs (possible comic teaser)

Got this idea today and decided to do it. I think it fits quite well.
The Press word is skinned on.
I have an idea in mind for a comic with these guys, I’m gonna go for it, need some time though.
The usual Rate and comment

I like it. nice idea.

Reminds me of District 9, fockin’ Iraqis!

Really? district 9? I thought someone would get reminded of frontlines: fuel of war

I never played Frontlines :frowning:


Wait, I actually played the demo on xbl

It’s kinda fun, though at time’s boring.

Anyone else comments?

The vest seems too big for the fellow…did you try to deflate it?

Nice use of models, but the camera angle really sucks, the picture is very empty and the characters barely have shadows. Those CoD4 weapon models are so ugly. The “press” text should probably be in blue.

‘‘One time my buddy Keith was in Iraq and…’’


The rag dolls choices are good but the map and weapons are ugly.

First thing I thought of when seeing this.Awesome pic :wink:

Chesty I agree, it was a quickly, not my best. And I have no idea why the shadows suck they are on full And the press texture is prty much marker on tape so it looks like some wrote it themselves. Search up the reporter from frontlines fuel of war and you will see i used the same press as he did. I would have rather used a map from Insurgency but I couldn’t get the tool guns to work in it, they just wouldn’t show up, does anyone know how to fix that?

Also Caboose I didn’t deflate it no, i should have

Some of the Insurgency maps spawn you in or outside of the map, sometimes making your weapons disappear. To fix that, just use the developer console and type “give gmod_tool” or something like that. As for the press text, I assumed you were going off photographs of real reporters in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Thanks chesty owe ya one!

Very bad camera angle, other then that it’s fine.

Good idea very

Thanks for the feedback, i wasn’t really doing this for artistic value, just an idea I had and wanted to test it out.

Jeans look weird.

Standard issue. For PMCs. Do you not read what you’re typing?

Fudge, my bad. Just thought that the jean’s looked weird.

the reporter model is from frontlines