Reporting Cheaters to Facepunch via Twitter (please confirm)

Is this real (looks like it) or a troll?
“Report hackers to us. Tweet their username, the server and what they’re doing. We won’t respond but we will investigate.”

Reddit post on it - but no much info there:

Please, can someone confirm this?

What it looks like to me:

  1. Ton of new players recently joined Rust.

  2. Increase of posts (and discussion) about hackers on the Official Forums.

  3. Garry and FP were present on some Official Servers and banned some players.

  4. FP made this twitter account and post (unverified).

Worth bearing in mind that Garry, Facepunch Studios and the Rust account follow it on twitter.

@playrust also tweeted

It seems like something really good that no one knows about.

Oh, this is interesting. Hopefully it’s legit and we won’t have to see so much forum spam about hackers.

Perhaps its a test atm and will be properly promoted if/when Garry decides that it is a workable solution?

I expect it’ll be included in tomorrow’s devblog. If not, asking why not is definitely valid.

Hacker on hongkong server on rust right now named 352292787 who can help ban him?

Yes, you can do this. Going to the EAC’s site is also very good. I’m not convinced this forum is the best spot to report people.