Reporting Plagiarism

Theres no way to directly communicate with people via
There appears to be no report button.
I am not to concerned about this but i was just wondering if there was some way to resolve plagiarism.
Dont know if this is the same version as the one he used, i released multiple versions.

I too would like to see if I can report plagiarism as I have seen WWAAAAYYY too many douchebags releasing others work

His spelling is atrocious…

Stolen from Teta_Bonita
Stolen from Mahalis
Stolen from The Necrossin
Stolen from Haschy
Stolen from Killburn
Stolen from Sakarias
Stolen from MattDaPcWiz
Stolen from Looka
Stolen from Mrak
Stolen from Ender Wiggin
Stolen from Lord of Pain

This made me go :smiley:


Love your find on the ‘martver’
His spelling gives you the lawls needed for a daily basis

I think he fails at giving you links to his other stolen uploads :l

God it’s the same person all the way thru… We have to get a report button…

The thing that really pissed me off is sakrias f35 fighter jet, Sakarias is GOD!

It’s like the GMod guys just passed over the “create a report plagiarism button” on their to-do list(among other things).
Nice work Master_vir. Martver is an ass.

I bet this looks familiar to anyone who is a fan of Oskutin’s awesome mapping

Notice how one of his uploads is a zombine but you need adv. dup to spawn it :l

Ralle and Myself.

I laughed at how bad the last 2 were.

Well judging from this thread there will never be any form of reporting (or moderation).

And let’s not forget about that EDplus guy.

Most of his stuff is stolen with little to no modifications/improvements.