Reporting Server (Admin picks hackers/glitchers vs legit players who wanna play.)

Covo i had with the admin which has on record 3 vac bans.
Never tell your password to anyone.
Vindication: Hey
Vindication: Did you ban my friend? Or is it just his connection issue?
=GD= Matt: who is he
Vindication: This is the message he got -
.Hoodz: Execption: Trying to read past the buffer size - likely caused by mismatching Write/ Reads. different size or order.
=GD= Matt: yes he is banned
Vindication: Why is he ban?
=GD= Matt: he cussed out an admin
=GD= Matt: and said "“fuck this server”
Vindication: lol you do not relize why do you
Vindication: Since the people where abusing the tpa glitch in our house and when he needed help since people where abusing the system you wouldn’t help.
=GD= Matt: doesn’t matter
Vindication: lol
Vindication: Good luck then bud run a server better you are just gonna loose people there’s not many that play this game after the big change coming.
Vindication: Enjoy lol.
=GD= Matt: K
Vindication: Have fun with more hackers and glitches than real players.
=GD= Matt: Fuck off cunt
Vindication: lol ty for the info you have no idea what your saying.

Just saying so you understand Ghost Division is the worse server you can ever pick to join the admins do not help they just let people glitch and abuse mods from oxide, hack.