ReportX - Allow the players on your server to report people!

** Name: ** ReportX

** Description: ** Put this on your server to allow your players to report other users. You can read the reports - either in reports.txt in your server’s data folder or by going to the report menu and clicking the “View Reports” tab.
The reporter’s name and steamID is logged, along with the reported person’s name, ID, and the reason for the report.
A few reasons are already included - these are customisable in cl_reportx.lua. There is also an option for the player to enter a custom reason.

** Pics: **

** How do I use this? ** You simply unzip the file, and upload it into your server’s addons directory. That’s it!
You and your players can report people by typing !report in chat or report_menu in console to bring up the menu.

** Where can I get this? **

Note: I made it for this person:

I’d say it has potential.

Seems useful, but needs to be a little more streamlined.

Would have been better if you didn’t use that weird background (no custom content) and made a list with derma controls or something instead of listing it in that ugly way. Especially since you have to drag your mouse around in the box to scroll.

weird background wat

Globe space 1990 or whatever it is.

It’s just weird and unnecessary.

idk what it is


I typed “background” on google images

I like the background image. You should make a derma skin to match it.

Another good feature would be to be able to upload a demo attached to the report for proof (in the same way Adv. Dupe uploads .txt files). And possibly add checkboxes for some additional details like “accidental”, “provoked”, and “malicious intent”.

lol that is impossible without either an upload site or modules for p2p

Hey thanks! There is a way to remove / Edit the Reports i hope.

Although i still wish it had the E-Mail feature.

Also, Should requests be in original thread (For people whom what to recommend more features?)

Then how does Adv. Dupe upload the .txt files?

no idea, I’m guessing it uses datastream but i have never looked at the code

Very good work on everything, my only complaint would be that it seems a bit too large and inconvenient for mid-gameplay. Whatever though, I still like its functions.

PS: I could care less about the background.

I like it. But it’d be better if the derma skin fit the background, but still, it’s good.

Any chance you could have it include optionally a chat log or a prop count log, or something else to act as proof? For example, if you report someone for spamming, then it would log prop count too, or if you reported them for chat spamming, it would include the last 10 chat messages?

Other than that, looks like a great tool for servers.

Unrelated, but you should password that proxy, you never know when some huge proxy site will post a “ad free fast proxy” thanks to you.

well most admin mods have logging…

True, but if I’m looking through a report and see spamming, then I have to if I’m not already ingame start FileZilla, FTP in to the server, dig through the usually unorganized logs, find the time, then look for proof.

If I could say, double click an entry for a report, see the last 10 chat lines, prop count, and a button for banning, well that’d save time.

ftp? real men use RDP :smug:

But us fake men that have TCAdmin panels are forced to use FTP. I’m sorry for not being a real man.