(Repost) Steam will not open?

Ok so i’ve been having a problem for the past 3 days. Since i deleted a anti virus program(i had like 3 but now 2) my steam( And non steam games) have not been able to get online access. Steam says the network or my connection is not working but my wireless connection says its very good when ever i get on my computer. Any one can help me? is it a virus? hacker? malware? spyware? i need something to really really help me, and yes i have reinstalled steam and same thing and i will not be reinstalling my non games. Help would be nice. And ill post some pictures of whats happening.

The 3rd one is what happens when i open steam up. But it stays their for an hour. Then the fourth one is the outcome of when it’s done within an hour and my connection is perfectly fine. I have a cable for connection as well but usually for my xbox. So any help?

Since this is a steam issue, I recommend asking steam about it: http://support.steampowered.com