REPOST: Turret swep

Now you’d be wondering “wtf is a turret swep omglol”.

Well this is how i picture the turret swep to be:
It basicly does the exact thing as the turret stool…
Well, except from the fact its a SWEP, not a “thing” you spawn off a toolgun.

Now this would basicly work like this:
Primary fire: SHOOT OMGLOL
secondary fire: nothing
reload: Open the oh-so-great turret menu.
and we definately need shell ejection options too :smiley:

And I’d say we should use the SMG model, because its a turret!

Now why would this come in handy?
Well sometimes you just need a good way of breaking stuff without having to empty a weapon to do so.
Sometimes you need a specific force in order to kill an NPC and make it fall funny.
…Most epic admin gun of all times?

And ive always wanted a shotgun that shoots 500 pellets 600 times within a minute :3

Also, this is gonna get the one who makes it alot of credit, so if you know how to do this, there’s no reason to don’t do it! :smiley:

But I’m practically an idiot and couldn’t possibly pull that off unfortunately.

So basically, an SMG that can be customized with the same options as the turret stool?

Yeah pretty much.
I’ve been dreaming of it for about a year now… Woulda been great if someone could.

I’ve done some sort on it and it works (With the reload oh-so-great turret menu) but it still has some problems that I’ll try to fix, but later.

Have you tried mad cows admin gun? I think it might be what your looking for.