Republic Commando Ships

What: 12 ship models from Republic Commando

Download links:

In pack you will find 12 models:
[li]Crashed LAAT
[/li][li]Geonosian fighter (has landing pads)
[/li][li]Crashed Geonosian fighter
[/li][li]Republic fighter
[/li][li]Grievous ship
[/li][li]Trando Dropship
[/li][li]Republic Dropship
[/li][li]Wookie Dropship
[/li][li]Republic assault ship (small, because it’s using in skybox in-game)
[/li][li]Republic assault ship (Large Model. Ugly but useful)
[/li][li]Trade Fed. ship (I don’t know where it was in-game)[/ul]
These models haven’t got moving parts, and have auto generated collision model, so they are good only for posing.
If anyone wants to edit them, you can contact me and I give you sources.

Put into “garrysmod” folder

Ok dude, you are officially uploader of the month (if the LAAT’s physbox thingy allows you to go in it)

For the server, was wanting to make a new LAAT ship with built in seats instead of welding them but couldn’t with the model we have.

In this case, it’s certainly not me. As I said, physbox auto-generated :haw:

Good job, thanks for sharing.

Shit, misposted; altering post content.

I think i’ve seen Star Wars ship models before, but this seems to be the first ‘major’ release of the larger ones. Guess that’ll make those types of poses much easier to do.

Yes, it’s not first SW ship models, but it’s first from RC game. Other models, as I think, are from SW: Battlefront Series.

Very good!
Keep releasing R. Commando stuff! Awesome!

Not ragdolled?
That’s why I’m around.

Yeah, I know that it’s not good, but I do it more for myself than for others, so I don’t put much efforts for this.

Very,very nice job.

Always put tender love and care into your models. That’s why it always takes a long time for me to release anything. Slaving over a hot Source SDK, adjusting hitboxes, fixing collision models, etc.
Anyway, next time you’re on Steam, I’ve got a proposition for you.

Could’ve shown these off on a lighter map, but still excellent job.

Easier for you to send PM me here.
We have ~12 hours time difference