Republic Hereos Port request!

Somebody should have heard of Star Wars The Clone Wars Republic heroes right? I want to request porting the Clones, Characters,Droids vehicles and starships! Help me! You’re my only hope. Here’s some proof that Republic heroes were used in 3DsMax or Maya! (Fast forward a bit till it reaches Obi Wan)

Did you take a moment to take a look at the description of the video? It’s a showreel, showcasing an animation pipeline the guy made which his company uses for projects they were contracted for.

They were not ported, those are videos using the sources.

Yes I did. I am currently Extracting Republic Heroes Models. But I can’t Rig them sadly. I’ll just provide the models and send it here for some people to Rig it.

that would beawesome, i was looking for some prequel ships and vehicles like at-te, that spider robots, the huge capital and frigate ships and specially the stardestroyer bridge

i’am happy with unrigged/raw uv’ed models with textures…

I can rig some up.

Hurrah! We got a Rigger! I am having problems using 3d Ripper for Republic heroes so it might take a while before I send models

Wait, I thought you ported them into t-pose…I don’t think I will rig them anymore. It’s a bitch to t-pose them from their poses.

I will Try to Put them into T-Pose. I need something that can be used to extract BIK Files. If I’m Lucky I’ll Extract the Ones in Clone Wars Adventures. I will also need a MDG to OBJ converter.

Yea, a MDG to OBJ tool doesn’t exist…I tried to find one before, but I gave up.

So Is there something that can convert MDGs to atleast anything that 3Ds Max can import!


what you used 3d ripper dx?? how I always got a wierd message that the game can’t start

using 32 or 64 os? vista, 7 or xp??

Vista 32 Home Premium. Ripper DX works perfectly on Republic Commando. When in Starting Republic Heroes with global system monitoring The Game Crashes so I need another way to
launch RH without using global monitoring and not using windows Live Launcher. I could Probably Retexture this and change the Helmet.

For Republic commando you should ise the unreal model viewer. It exports the models with bones =)

I Guess I’ll Remodel Existing Star Wars Ragdolls since I can’t find anything last night. I found this in another Forum. It contains a 3Ds Max Script for importing Blade Kitten which uses a .mdg extensions. if someone could edit the script to get it working for Republic Heroes That will be nice.

Here’s Bricksterbot’s Clone Trooper made in Blender! I guess it’s scratch build.

Ok! I’m going to “borrow” the models in this Battlefront 2 mod called “landing at point rain” It has some Clone Troopers that I could send models here so someone could rig it :smiley: