Republic of Gaming Recruiting / Looking for Memebers || Mature and Friendly group


About the Republic of Gaming**
The Republic of Gaming originally formed in 2010 based around the very popular Grand Theft Auto Multiplayer Mod MTA. We had over 200 active members playing on multiple servers from Minecraft to MTA and have been operating a professional, mature and highly successful community for multiple years. We have now decided to return and have now opened a Rust server with multiple other games coming shortly. We host all our own servers on our own dedicated hardware which is managed by our Community Owner and Staff.

What we can offer you

  • Mature Community
  • People in different timezones to meet everyone’s requirments
  • General gaming fun with all our fun guys and girls
  • A great forum to discuss topics and community changes
  • Teamspeak to chat with your new found buddies
  • Multiple game servers so you can have fun knowing the servers are stable

What we want

  • Mature members 16+ preferred as a lot of the guys want to play games and not deal with complaining kids.
  • Guys and Girls looking for someone fun to talk and play games
  • You need to be able to speak English
  • Anything you can bring to the community

**Contact Information **
TeamSpeak Server Address -
Website -
Skype - gazum123

Looking for memebers I see…

Indeed we are looking for more people to join us and have fun.

I just applyed on the forums but before i join how will i prove that im 16+?
Is there a thread about it cause i dont see one.


Do you have teamspeak ? If so you can join us at TeamSpeak Server Address -

Im sorry i dont use TS cause i cant connect to any (server’s) for some reason, it says connecting, connection failed and the manly voice says ERROR

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And if you wanna prove it on Voice, thats stupid. You can TP to me when i join server and ill talk to you but youll really need a Applycation, cause most kids have no idea how to fullfill it :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah do you use skype ? sucks that your teamspeak does not work. We are working on that at the moment but wanted to get a few people on board before closing the doors to apps online.

Yes i do i will message you.

So is this a clan? I am looking for a clan to join.

Yes :slight_smile:

How many people are currently in the clan that play Rust?

We have 18 members with around 10 of them playing rust

Do you guys play on your own server or a different one?


All our own hosted servers

I might be interested in joining.

Awesome your welcome to join us on TS

Just go to the Forum (link) go to threads and Clan Applycation and apply. Ive done it.

Still Looking for Members !!!

We have an application form live now at come and join us !!!