Reputation System

I would like to throw a little idea in the room.
How about a reputation system?

Currently, there is every reason to attack players, but how players behave when it also has negative aspects?
players could see who is evil-minded.
“good” players or newbies have a faster movement speed to escape from fights like this:

2 players are meeting on the map, 1 are evil and has a reduce movement speed of 4% and one is good guy and have no reduce.

  • From the point of meeting one has 96% movement speed and the good one 100%
  • the Evil one start shoot on the other one
  • the good one run away with 100% movement
  • the good one have a gun too, turn around and aim on the evil one and shoot. he dont strike him and nothing happen.
  • the good one shoot again and strike the evil one, now he has the same movement speed (96%) like the evil one for 30 minutes.

one Additional idea to that:

  • Maybe add some monster who can catch you if you have 4% less movement speed, but they dont if you have 100%.

How you think about it?

I think this is clearly spelled out in garry’s blog post as something Rust is specifically not about.

Shot down…

Horrible Idea plus lets think about it, who is to say that one is the evil one when the other is not. Like saying if you go and troll someone and they kill you again and again and again then the system would cause them to slow down. Now your the “good” guy and have 100% whatever you say and can kill him and have minimum consequences. Just sound like an awful plan but its Rust man, anything is possible.

No buff/de-buff should be applied to heroes/bandits. They should, however, have different skins, to represent their reputation. I think that you should be allowed to customize your bandit/hero skin.

Mh, i understand.

^Best part.

yea, i think it is a nice idea. nothing brings the society more together than a enemy.

This is a game about survival, not about moralities.

Player freedom means there is lots of room for emergent gameplay. I’ve never played on servers where this has happened so I don’t know how it went, but servers and clans have organized player security forces against, say, player-hunter KOS, and they take protecting users on the server info their own hands.

A clan was claiming to go around and basically kill anyone causing problems on a server if they’re invited to that server to be vigilantes.

As Rust develops, it’s going to gain more sophisticated features that support this idea of player-run systems, or at least that’s what I expect from garry if he wants to do everything he talks about in that blog. Like player-run cities being possible and practical. And clothing customization so you can have a “uniform” to visually recognize outsiders from town members.

How about a ‘Voting system’ much like on the forums where you can vote on a player on the server based on your encounters/rumors of the player.

As I listed in my other thread, I would like a Clan system where you can keep track of all the clans.
Likewise, there could be a player list where you can vote the player up or down, depending wether the player killed you or not.:v:


Marabou +14 (:v:)
Sasha -7
Jerry +2
Bob 0
Nick +3
Ruby -1

It would’nt affect the players in any way other than the other players perception of them.
So when you meet them in the world, you’d have a good base to stand on in order to judge wether to trust them or not.

Also, this should be made avalible for the Clan system.
After enountering a Clan, you can pick a ‘stance’ or ‘reputation’ that best fit in with your personal encounter. Going something like this:

Genocidal | Lunatic | Aggressive | Hostile | Protective | Neutral | Neighbouring | Inviting | Welcoming | Friendly | Civil

The final tag on the Clan will be based on the % of votes given.
Given that the voters name should be listed along with the given vote.

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Morality is a big part in survival with other people.

This could be easily abused and gamed. It also interferes with player freedom buy giving you warning info, even if it’s unreliable, that you wouldn’t have.

If your server had a plugin mod that did this, fine, play how you want, but I disagree with this becoming part of standard Rust.

Morality should not be enforced by the game, nor does garry want artificial UIs interfering with player freedom and emergent gameplay.

If an unknown person approaches you in Rust, and they aren’t responding to you as you talk to them over voice as they get closer, you have to make a real decision: do I attack first? Is this person hostile, or do their movements suggest someone who wants to help instead?

And if you don’t shoot first and they shotgun your face in, you chose poorly. Or, if the player seemed friendly and then shot you in the back when you trusted him, you’ve just learned a valuable lesson about trusting too easily in Rust, and player skill tricked you.

You have to use your brain to decide if someone should be trusted, because Rust won’t snitch for you and reveal secret information about other players like that. If someone is a bandit, and they are successful, they are skilled at the game (I’m assuming they don’t use hacks.) Why should they be punished by being announced as being a player killer by the server when they log on, or things like that? (I know you didn’t suggest logon announcements, but same thing basically.)

The game should not allow you to avoid this because you telepathically know that Bob666killer killed 25 players in the last hour thanks to a feature like this. If you know Bob666killerface is a KOS with a big body count, it should be from other players in the chat yelling warnings.

Stupid and not needed. Community can create consequences for “criminals”.

Stop trying to ruin the game. If you are constantly getting killed as a naked it’s because you are a poor player and don’t have the ability to stop and think about what you are doing. It’s you, not the game.