[REQ] black mesa models

well since black mesa is out now is it possible if you could port models and ragdolls so it supports gmod 13?

Of course it’s possible, you could probably just copy and paste the models and materials as they are and they’d work.

I tried that the day I got it and all of the models were errors :confused: I pasted the entire Black Mesa Source directory, and the models worked, so you might want to do that :slight_smile: some of the models still don’t work properly

Huh gonna look into that. But is it possible to add Black Mesa support in gmod or only Garry can do stuff like that?

I think there’s an addon that allows you to mount any source mod.

Pretty sure that broke a while back from an update.

Is it that hard to copy and paste the models and materials?

Apparently so.

Tried humans and only issue I see in the models are Eli, Kleiner and Assasin but nothing complicated they just need some hexing btw those are really nice models: all bodygrouped and skillgrouped


Edit: I forgot to mention shader on guard helmet need fix too

I can’t download black mesa right now can somebody upload the mo dels and materials I might fix thode issues

black mesa maps n models work for me…

same here, Eli works correctly with no problems;


I’ll get them uploaded shortly, gotta pack them up first.

your cool l

Uploading the archive with the models and textures now. It’ll take a while to finish uploading, so I’ll update this post with a download link when it’s done.

And here you go. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to try and figure out why my internet connection is being bottlenecked more than usual. The upload should’ve been done 20 minutes ago, but it seems like something is leeching my network again.

It’s just a set of models and textures? Or is there something that you fix it?

It’s the models and textures directly from the install directory of Black Mesa. Joe was asking for the files so he could take a look and fix them, so I simply archived the files and uploaded them.

I personally found no issues with them when I tested them, so those files should work just fine with GMod.

thanks katra

I played in the Black Mesa source. But when I went through the game, I deleted it. And I forgot about the files. Thank you, i also need it. And I think if Joe is something to fix, it would also be cool.
Thanks for the files.

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Now I will test the files. Х)

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I hope that someone will make addon models, not to litter Gmod And all are easy to find

Sweet. Being on a Mac means this is the closest I’ll get to playing it.