[REQ] Call Of Duty 2 Weapons [.FBX] + Call Of Duty 5 Weapons , Characters [.FBX]

hello guys , its possible to share cod2 weps that i can edit in maya ?!
and cod 5 weps and chars ?


Fuck no, first write a decent post, then you can ask.

do some research first you lazy shit…then come here

i cant use search , it says i dont have permission .
i find cod 2 char models and cod 5 char models
but i still need the weps for cod 2 and cod 5

1.Buy CoD 2 and 5
2.Find the appropriate tools for ripping the models
3.rip the models
5.There is no step 5, kill yourself.

started off good but then turned into a response thats as bad as the op

i have them , but how to rip them ? XD

have you tried using ninjaripper, 3dvia, or 3dripperdx? they wont rip to fbx format, but its better than nothing if you have the game

wt about the .iwi files ?! how to exctract them ?!
and if i can rip the weps as .3ds thats great , i can convert them ,

but i dont know how to rip them from .iwi

http://matejtomcik.wordpress.com/2012/09/02/how-to-extract-images-from-call-of-duty/ google is your friend…

ur my friend ,
but that extracts the images only , i want a way to extract the models

that, you’re going to have to google and figure out on your own. I googled it, but didn’t find anything super helpful, so you may have to do like I said and just use a ripping program to get the models.

ok but a ripping program wont open " .IWI " u know wt i mean ?!
i already ripped some models from other games , but u have to extract the “IWI archive” that has the models then have a script to open that " IWI model " with ripper

the ripper program doesn’t open up the iwi files, you open up the game with the ripper and it’ll let you do it from there. but you need to read how to use it, for example, ninja ripper. you can find that info on the website you find it on.

i exctracted the xmodels from .IWI , and i got the XModelExporter
i tried to load weapon xmodels but it doesnt let me to export to object
here wt i am talking about


so here is for example the american radio
i got it from the iw_13.iwd i opened it with winrar and extracted it on :
call of duty 2/main/raw/xmodel


i need to get the surfce as i read on some websites .
but the buttons down doesnt seems to work , idk why ,

ppl like u shouldn’t live in this world , just for spaming and making posts without helping ,
read my topic title , if u dont wanna help me dont spam my topic with shits .

Most stuff is impossible to extract intact from the game files without the development kit (so the coders can figure out how to reverse engineer the models) as black ops 2 doesn’t have a development kit, you’ll have to rip the models and make do with them.

like what Stiffy said, for most games you’re gonna have to just use a program that can rip the models from the game while it’s running.

i got the models to show , and the weps but still cant export the " model " it extracts the textures but not the models ://

#bump some one help !!

what are you using to extract the textures that isnt exporting the models?

XModelExporter , i can convert the files to dds and see the full textured models and weapons ,
but when i export to .OBJ it export only the dds files , not the " model "

for example here is a american radio model ,


when i press export Object to and select a file , it exports only the .dds files (images)
it doesnt export the Materials " mtl_american_radio"

EDIT : i got it working finally . i’ll share them soon .