[REQ]Call of Duty Black Ops II Multiplayer PMC textures

A very minor request. Could someone with Lime extract the upper torso textures of the multiplayer Mercs? They are olive drab.

They don’t appear like that in singleplayer hence the reason why luxox_18’s port only includes the orange camo.

Another thing, if you have the Downhill DLC map, could you also grab the orange goggle textures?

Snow textures are not necessary.

I’m sorry for this but…


Another bump.

Unless I’m mistaken, aren’t the camos for BlOps II handled in a way similar to how the Battlefield series handles their camouflage variants in-engine?

I don’t think so, for camos atleast.

For plain colors yes. An example would be the Brazilian militias and the oil workers from MW2.