[REQ] Deadpool Ragdolls?

Hi, I’m Shemp, and I’m not familiar with the new(-ish) Facepunch layout (i.e. the last two years or so) so if this isn’t the right place to post this let me know.
You don’t even have to be nice.

Anyway, I’m just humbly requesting somebody port/fix/make some Deadpool ragdolls on the grounds that Deadpool is pretty neat. I don’t need playermodels or NPCs or any fancy rigs, just something I can throw around in poses.
I know there were some old-ass MvC3 ports back when garrysmod.org was still relevant, but even those were pretty sketchy.
So… yeah. If someone could throw something together, that’d be pretty neat!

As far as I know there isn’t an actual model, but I could be wrong.

Did around for a model that’s really similar, then reskin it yourself. That way you learn how & you can change it to your own liking.

Self-sufficiency is a really useful skill in GMod.

not really an option for me at the moment. As soon as it is, I’ll get started.